Investment Properties


Value-Added Conversions

Our specialty is the conversion of small to mid-sized Real Estate into residential and mixed-use income producing investment properties. There are various types of conversions including: Duplex (two apartments), Triplex (three apartments), Multiplex (multiple apartments), Rooming house (many rooms with shared kitchens and bathrooms), low-rise apartment building, mixed-use commercial and residential. 


Building Layout

To maximize returns and minimize conversion costs, each project needs to be strategically laid out to maximize square footage of key spaces, while making efficient use of existing load-bearing walls, plumbing and electrical fixtures. 


Repair & Maintenance

Over time buildings experience general wear-and-tear. Diligent maintenance and repair in the short-term can prevent larger, more costly repairs in the long-run. Our years of experience dealing with tenants allow us to work with them, minimizing disruptions to their day-to-day lives and being conscious of minimum notice times and other regulation requirements.  



Many buildings become outdated as design preferences change and building practices evolve. As a result, these buildings become increasingly more difficult to rent and may fetch lower rental rates. Strategic updating, focusing on key renovations that maximize return, both in terms of utility and overall appeal, can help increase rental demand and allow the building to fetch a higher rental rate.  

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